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Annual General meeting was held on 28th March 2012


Meeting minutes

‘’Håndtryk & Hatemalo’’

Minutes of the First Annual General Meeting 2012

The first Annual General Meeting was held on 28th, March 2012 at 18.00 hours at Frøgårdsvej 35, 4690 Haslev. Around 30 members attended the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting were as follows:

  1. Election of chairman and secretary
  1. Legalize the meeting
  2. Board’s report for the previous year and approval of the report
  3. Presentation of the previous calendar year’s audited accounts and approval
  4. Presentation of plan by the board for the coming year
  5. Membership fee for the following year
  6. Consideration of the received proposals
  7. Election of board members as per § 12
  8. Election of alternates to the board as per § 12
  9. Election of an auditor and an auditor alternate as per § 12
  10. Others

The meeting proceeded as per the above agenda mentioned.

  1. 1.       Welcome speech by the president of the organization

He welcomes all the members for the annual general meeting 2012 and he brought forward the proposal for Chairman and reporter for the meeting. Durga proposed Mr. Kamal Kumar Koirala as the day’s Chairman and Mr. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari as the day’s reporter. Both of them were elected unanimously for the meeting.

  1. Chairman started the program according to the agenda. President Durga Prasad Adhikari presented a report of achievement/development made by the organization along with the future plan. He dissolved the old board members and opened door for the election of new board members as per § 12.
  2. 3.      Presentation of financial report

Pashu Pati Neoupaney treasurer of the committee presented the audited account in the meeting. Meeting approved it without any comment.

  1. 4.      Membership fee

Membership fee for the year 2012 remain the same i.e. Kr. 75. All agreed with the proposal proposed by the committee without any comment.

  1. 5.      § 8 Annual General Meeting

There were some small correction proposed by the board on §8, stk. 4, 5 and 6. All agreed the changes made by the board.


  1. 6.      §9 General Meeting’s Agenda

Proposal made by the board for the small correction on §9, stk. 9 and 10 were being approved by the general meeting.

  1. 7.      §10 Extraordinary General Meeting

Minor correction made by the board on § 10, stk. 1 and 4. All agreed with the correction made.

  1. 8.      § 12 Board Members, Alternates and Auditor:

Board proposed the general meeting to have a small number of board members and made the necessary correction on § 12 which were also approved by the meeting.

  1. 9.      §13 Board Meeting and work Distribution

On § 13 there was very small correction made by the board and it was approved by the general meeting without any comment.

  1. Advisory council was totally striped out of the constitution as per proposal of the board because the board experienced that the advisory council was not necessary. All agreed with this point and said that all the members of the organization can give positive advice to the board members for the development and betterment of the organization.

No changes were made on rest of the articles and sub-articles.

  1. 11.  Agenda no. 8

Election of board members as per § 12 was made in the general meeting. Chairman gave thanks to those 4 members who declared to take rest from the board members. And he proposed Meera Adhikari and Bishnu Prasad Adhikari on behalf of the board as per §12 two candidates to fulfill the quorum to the board. All agreed with the proposal made in the general meeting and they were unanimously elected as new members to the board.

  1. Agenda no. 9

Chairman proposed Yadu Adhikar as an alternate candidate for the board members as per § 12. All agreed with the proposal and he was elected as an alternate member to the board.

  1. 13.  Farewell to the old committee members

Farewell was made to the outgoing board members by giving bouquet of flowers from the hand of Jette Schmidt. 

  1. 14.  New committee and their designation

The elected board members had a very short meeting and divided the responsibility among them as follows:

President -     Bishnu Prasad Adhikari

Secretary-      Hem Lal Adhikari

Treasurer-      Pashu Pati Neoupaney

Sport coordinator-              Kalu Sing Gurung

Cultural coordinator-          Meera Adhikari

Meeting was concluded by taking photos of the new committee members. Chairman of the meeting gave vote of thanks to all who were in the annual general meeting organized by ‘’Håndtryk & Hatemalo’’. The meeting was over at 19. 45 hours with a great success.


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NB: We attached the new amended constitution copy here with the meeting minutes.







Constituton in English for Haandtryk & Hatemalo

Constitution for the Danish-Bhutanese cultural organization



§1. Organization’s name and location

      The association was founded on 23rd February 2011 under the name “Håndtryk &   

      Hatemalo” located in Haslev, Faxe kommune. 

§2. Aims and Objectives of the Organization

      1. To preserve and promote Bhutanese identity, culture, tradition and history of origin among   the people in Fakse Municipality.

      2. To contribute to mutual understanding between Bhutanese and Danish people, thereby 

          creating environment of helping each other when necessary.

      3. To help Bhutanese integrate in the Danish Society. 

      4. To organize different activities like sports, traditional festivals, cultural programs etc. 

§3. Organisation’s Membership       

      The organization may enter the union of cultural related organization.    

§4. Conditions of membership   

      1. Membership to the organization is open to all irrespective of gender, age etc. 

      2. Minors could be admitted as a passive member with the consent of the legal guardians.    

      3. It is the responsibility of every member to report any change of address to the        


      4. Minors have no voting rights.

§5. Membership Fee

      1. The general meeting determines membership fee.

      2. The membership fee should be paid on the specified time provided by the board unless  

          there is unavoidable circumstances which should be informed in advance of the expiry 


      3. In case of arrear the Board  reserve the right to terminate membership with immediate

          effect. Resumption of the terminated membership can take place when the arrears are paid.

     §6. Entry and withdrawal   

      1. Entry of membership can be made at any time with the permission of the board on the

          basis of prevailing organization’s rules.

      2. Withdrawal of membership can be made at any time but the paid membership fee will not

          be refunded. 

      3. The board may terminate a member from membership for longer or shorter or indefinite 

          period if found acting against the norms of the organization.

      4. If any member disagree with his/her exclusion, the case may be produced in the next board

          meeting to which the member has access. But such complain shall not be dealt in  the

          General meeting.

§7. Rights and Obligations of Members

      1. All members have the right to take part and benefit from every activities or programs

          conducted or organized by the organization.

      2. The positive and constructive ideas, suggestions, and proposal are always welcomed.

      3. The members have the obligation to comply with both Rules and the Decision made by

          the board  

§8. Annual General Meeting

     1. The General Meeting has the highest authority in all the affairs of the organization. 

     2. The major changes and decisions, like- change in the name of the organization, major 

          rules change etc., of the organization shall only be made through general meeting with 2/3 

          of the member’s votes present in the meeting.

     3. The annual general meeting is held once every year before the end of April.

     4. A notice of at least one month along with preliminary agenda shall be given either through  

          e-mail or by letter.

     5. Any desired proposal should be received in written by the board no later than 20 days

         before the meeting is held, if necessary the final agenda will be sent by the board 10 days

         before the general assembly.  

     6. General meeting elects the board members, auditor and the alternates.

     7. The general meeting takes decisions by simple majority.

     8. One person one vote is applicable.     

     9. Vote shall be given only in person.

§9. General Meeting’s Agenda

         The general meeting shall consist at least the following agenda:

          1. Election of chairman and secretary

          2. Legalize the meeting

          3. Board’s report for the previous year and approval of the report.

          4. Presentation of the previous calendar year‘s audited accounts and approval.

          5. Presentation of plan by the board for the coming year.

          6. Membership fee for the following year.

          7. Consideration of the received proposals.

          8. Election of board members as per §12.

          9. Election of alternates to the board as per §12.

         10. Election of an auditor and an auditor alternate as per §12.

         11. Others.

§10. Extraordinary General Meeting

1.  Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by at least 3  

     members of the board., or if  one fifth of the members submit written application to the


       2. Extraordinary General assembly will be held one month after the submission of 


       3. §8  is also applicable to extraordinary general meeting. 

       4. Proposals, concerning the extraordinary general meeting’s issues, should be submitted to

           the board not later than 20 days before the meeting.

§11. General meeting management

        The general meeting shall elect a chairman to lead the discussions/proceedings. Chairman   

        control the meeting as a whole. It is the responsibility of the chairman to monitor voting 

        proceeding. Decisions in the general meeting are taken by simple majority unless specified

        by laws. President’s  vote may be taken as a decisive tool in case the number of votes   

        becomes equal  for in-favour and against a proposal, i.e. President votes shall be counted

        twice in case of tie. Voting is done in written. The resolutions of the general meeting shall

        be recorded in   minute book that also include the proceedings of the meeting . The minute 

        book is approved with the signature of the chairman and the member of the board present     in the meeting.

§12. Board Members, Alternates and Auditor:

         The board consists of five members and represents all the managerial and routine  

         affairs of the organization.

         The board distributes the responsibilities among them consisting at least President and   

         Treasurer. The board members and alternates are elected for 2 years in the following

         manner – 3  members plus one alternate are

         elected in every odd years and 2  members plus one  alternate in every even 

         years. Auditor and auditor alternate are elected in every odd year. 

§13. Board Meeting and Work Distribution    

        The board meeting can be called by any board member with at least 10 days’ Notice. The

         board meeting shall have a quorum of 3 board members . Decisions in the board meeting

         are taken by simple majority. Alternates may attend board meeting but have no voting right

         unless they substitute a board member. The proceedings and decisions made in board

         meeting are recorded in minute book. The board divides the work-load and responsibility

         among the board members and function accordingly. When necessary the board can decide

         to delegate the specific task to members of the organization.


§14. Accounting:

        The economic records are maintained by the treasurer.

        If it is of greater amount, it should be passed through board meeting.

        Organization’s financial year is considered as a calendar year.

        Except petty cash, the assets of the organization shall be deposited in a account in an   

        approved bank. All incomes and membership fee received shall be deposited in the account. 

        Expenditure shall be approved by the treasurer and the President’s  initial/approval.

        An internal auditing will take place by the president. Then the internal audited accounts

       shall be presented to the elected auditor.

       The audited account shall be presented to the board two months before the general meeting.

§15.  Amendments of the Rules

         Any changes in the rules of the organization shall take place with 2/3 of the

         members’ votes present in the general meeting.

§16. Dissolution of the Organization

        The organization may be dissolved through a general meeting called for the  

        purpose with a two third vote of the members present in the meeting. The assets 

        of the organization shall be given as a grant to any Social Service Organization,

        for example Red Cross Society etc.


        The final general meeting decides by simple majority to which organization the

        assets shall be donated.



As decided at the General Meeting on 23rd 2011


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