’’Håndtryk & Hatemalo’’ holder generalforsamlingen onsdag 

den 22. jan. 2014

Kl. 19:00

Frøgårdsvej 35

4690 Haslev

Med venlig hilsen

Bishnu Prasad Adhikari

Tlf. 52 68 35 52

Formand ’’Håndtryk & Hatemalo’’


Meeting minutes of 3rd annual general meeting of

“ Danish – Bhutanese cultural organization ‘ Håndtryk – Hatemalo”


The 3rd annual general meeting of  “ Danish – Bhutanese cultural organization” Håndtryk – Hatemalo’” was held on 22nd January 2014 in Frøgårdsvej 35, 4690 Haslev at 19:00 o’clock.

Agendas for the assembly, as per the organization’s constitution, were as follows:

1. Election of chairman and secretary

2. Legalize the meeting

3. Board’s report for the previous year and approval of the report.

4. Presentation of the previous calendar year‘s audited accounts and approval.

5. Presentation of plan by the board for the coming year.

6. Membership fee for the following year.

7. Consideration of the received proposals.

8. Election of board members as per §12.

9. Election of alternates to the board as per §12.

10. Others.

The proceedings of the meeting were as follows:

President of the organisation, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, welcomed the members present in the meeting.

  • Ø Bishnu Prasad Adhikari and Kamal Kumar Koirala were elected as chairman and secretary for the meeting.
  • Ø The chairman legalized and convened the proceedings of the meeting.
  • Ø The president presented the committee’s report of 2013 and the members present approved it.
  • Ø The audited accounts of 2013 was presented and approved.
  • Ø There was no plan for 2014 from the committee. The new committee will make and organize accordingly.
  • Ø The meeting has approved 100 kr. as membership fee for 2014.
  • Ø There was no received proposal. So there was no discussion for.
  • Ø Chairman thanked the committee members for their work. Jette Schmidt from Haslev Voluntary Group presented bouquet of flowers to the outgoing committee members of the organisation - Mr. Bishnu Prasad Adhikari and Kamali Tamang Gurung.
  • Ø Mr. Kamal Kumar Koirala and Niels Frandsen were elected for the new committee as per §12 of the organisation’s constitution.
  • Ø Mr. Ramesh Adhikari was elected as alternate members for the committee according to §12 of the organisation’s constitution.

The meeting was concluded in a very good manner.


Note: The first committee meeting among committee members of 2014 was held on 26. January 2014. The meeting elected Mr. Kamal Kumar Koirala and Indra Lal Adhikari as president and cashier respectively. The meeting decided Niels Frandsen, Govinda Neoupaney and Anita Vilson to remain as committee members. However, it was decided that all the members will cooperate as per the demand of program going to held in the coming days. Next committee meeting will be held on 6. February 2014.


Secretary’s Signature…Kamal……………………………Date…26/1 2014

Chairman’s Signature…Bishnu…………………………...Date…26/1 2014